Hello, I'm Hashim

I am a Premium Email Copywriter for SaaS Brands & Founders. I write customer-focused emails with a personality. If you’re looking for a touch of compassion & humor in your emails, that’s my forte.

“Hashim has done an exemplary job while working with us and has always maintained professional relations with the team. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”
Nagesh Raut
Manager, Supergigs

But Hashim, why does my business need you?


SaaS used to revolve around ads. It made perfect sense for a while, right? But then… 


Ad conversions became tougher. Algorithms changed. Accounts vanished overnight. 

MRRs took a hit, and now you’re grinding hard to make a decent profit.


You know what? You don’t have control over most of these marketing channels. But hold up! 


There is a quick fix…


No need to rely on paid ads anymore.

No need to increase your ad spend.

No more unpredictable platforms hindering your growth.


There’s one tool that can take your business from zero to millions.




Get your email game on point and you can:


Break free from one-channel marketing shackles.

Boost MRR and margins simultaneously.

Craft a marketing system that brings in predictable moolah every month.


And guess what? I’m here to lend a hand.

“I worked with Hashim and he just did an amazing job. He started with Research (most miss this step completely) and then devised the complete strategy for my personal brand. And when it comes to crafting the content, you can trust him like anything. Highly recommended person to work with.”
Roshan Jain
Founder, Get Your Revenue

Hashim, what solutions do you offer?


Let me sprinkle my linguistic wizardry to craft emails that not only grab attention but also keep your subscribers eagerly waiting for more.

Welcome Sequences

Founder/Brand Newsletters

Email Courses

Launch Sequences

Sales Sequences

Holiday/Promotional Sequences

Cart Abandon Sequences

“I was totally blown by his grounded yet exceptional ideas and personality alike. I'd still not leave a chance to collaborate with him again! He'll prove to be an asset to your brand, indefinitely.”
Vaishnavi Desai
Content Strategist

Hashim, how does this work?


Step 1: Let’s have a conversation!

I have two secret recipes to create an attention-grabbing email copy just for you: Researching Your Product and Capturing Your Personality. And that’s exactly what I’ll uncover during our discussion.


Step 2: Let’s make it official

You will receive my proposal-cum-contract outlining all the deliverables you require. While I’m confident you’ll be eager to get started, please take your time to review it carefully. Once you’re ready, seal the deal by making a 50% advance payment.


Step 3: Timely Delivery

You can expect daily or weekly updates on the progress of your project. My initial draft undergoes rigorous editing to ensure a polished final result, delivered on time. However, I also offer a one-time re-write at no additional cost, with a turnaround time of 24 hours.

Contact Me

I write customer-focused emails with a personality



+91 99464 17295

Bengaluru, India

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