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This is a sample sequence I’ve written for Brightwheel, the renowned SaaS application in the child care niche. I’ve conducted thorough research on the brand and made every effort to capture the authentic voice of Dave Vassen, the Founder of Brightwheel. The purpose of this sequence is to warmly welcome those who log in to Brightwheel and provide them with the most relevant benefits over the course of five emails, sent out within five days.

Email 1: Sent immediately upon login

Subject: You’ve joined the Brightwheel journey…

Welcome Onboard! I am Dave, founder of Brightwheel (you might’ve seen me on TV)

Since you’re new here, I want to tell you about the mission behind Brightwheel.

I am a first-generation American, and my parents came to the US from South America with very little. They taught me the importance of a strong work ethic and the value of education.

After school, I started working in education technology, developing software platforms for big companies like Amazon and Cisco.

However, when my daughter Serena was born, everything changed.

I found it difficult to be apart from her and wanted to be more involved in her learning and growth. With my background and passion for education, I knew I could make a difference.

The first three years of life are critical for brain development, and research shows that the investment made during this time has a significant impact on individuals and the community as a whole.

You want to be a part of their day and contribute to their learning, but it’s challenging when you’ve been apart for several hours. Millions of parents across America experience this every day, especially for younger kids.

On the school side, teachers are not only educating our kids but also managing paperwork, parents, and running a business.

This is where Brightwheel comes in.

I developed a unique product focused specifically on early education. It connects preschool and daycare teachers, parents, and children in a way that has never been done before.

Through the app, you receive real-time updates on your child’s activities, milestones, and daily reports. This transparency fosters a sense of involvement and trust, strengthening the partnership between parents and teachers.

Brightwheel’s intuitive interface empowers teachers and staff to easily manage their daily tasks.

From seamless check-ins and attendance tracking to recording activities and sharing updates with parents, the app streamlines classroom operations, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens.

Investing in early education is crucial for our children’s future, and Brightwheel is here to support that endeavor.

Thank you for choosing the first step towards your children’s “Brightwheel” future.

Get your free demo today!

I’ll be back in your inbox tomorrow with more Brightwheel features.

But for today, enjoy your time with your kids and stay relaxed.

Dave Vassen

P.S. I’ve got one more thing for you today!

After watching the demo video, if you decide to purchase any of our plans, use the code WELCOME10 at checkout to instantly save 10%. Hurry, though! The coupon is only valid for the next 24 hours.

Email 2: Sent 12 hours after the previous mail

Subject: Time’s running out to redeem your offer

If you missed out on the welcome email…

Not only did you miss an incredible introduction to Brightwheel, but you also missed out on an important message.

You’ve qualified for a 10% discount.

Use the code WELCOME10 to enjoy Brightwheel features at a discounted price.

But hurry! You only have 12 hours left to redeem this offer from the time you receive this email.


Email 3: On Day 2, hours before the offer expires

Subject: Last Call: Use Your 10% Discount on Brightwheel Subscription!

You only have 2 hours left to redeem it with code WELCOME10!

Still unsure? Here are 4 reasons why you’ll love Brightwheel:

#1 It helps parents to stay connected to their child’s learning

Through the app, they receive real-time updates on their child’s activities, milestones, and daily reports.

This transparency nurtures a sense of involvement and trust, strengthening the parent-teacher partnership.

#2 It ensures Simplified Daily Tasks for teachers & staff

Brightwheel’s intuitive interface empowers teachers and staff to easily manage their daily tasks.

From seamless check-ins and attendance tracking to recording activities and sharing updates with parents, the app streamlines classroom operations, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens.

#3 It streamlines the operations for administrators

Brightwheel’s all-in-one app simplifies administrative tasks, saving valuable time.

It centralizes essential functions like attendance tracking, scheduling, billing, and reporting, eliminating the need for multiple tools or manual processes.

#4 It facilitates automated online payments

Brightwheel simplifies the payment process by offering automatic billing and online payment options.

Parents can securely make payments within the app, eliminating the hassle of manual transactions and ensuring timely payments for the child care center.

And here’s the fifth reason you shouldn’t miss:

#5 You have a 10% discount on Brightwheel!

Don’t wait any longer! Use the code WELCOME10 to unlock these benefits.


P.S. There will be no ‘offer expiring’ email. It’s now or never.

Email 4: On Day 3

Subject: Brightwheel, from its humble beginnings to its current impact

Brightwheel started with a pilot in the fall of 2014, working with 10 schools.

The response was overwhelming, and as the word spread, Brightwheel experienced tremendous growth reaching over 2,500 schools across every state in the country.

During this period, Brightwheel was offered as a free product, with no plans for advertising.

Here comes the turning point in our story…

I had the incredible opportunity to appear on Shark Tank. And guess what?

I secured funding from none other than Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca. It was an extraordinary moment that fueled our vision for the future.

This momentous support allowed us to monetize our platform and introduce a premium product. Now, schools and administrators can access our enhanced features by paying a monthly fee.

And the results have been phenomenal:

  • 85% of teachers and directors would wholeheartedly recommend Brightwheel to their peers.
  • Once Brightwheel is implemented, 100% of parents report higher satisfaction with their school experience.
  • Customers rave about saving an average of 1 hour per day when utilizing Brightwheel’s efficient tools.


What do we envision at Brightwheel?

To give teachers meaningfully more time with students each day…

Engaging parents in the development of their kids…

And supporting the small businesses that make up the backbone of the $100 billion early education market.

Come join us in bringing Brightwheel to every preschool, daycare, and family across the globe.

If you are ready to take action, get your free demo now!

Take care of your children.


Email 5: On Day 5

Subject: Why Brightwheel is the #1 childcare software?

Are you tired of hearing me talk about the incredible features of Brightwheel?

Well, let’s hear it from the people who are actually using our product and experiencing its impact firsthand.

Meet Munisha, the Director at Excelsior University for Children. She absolutely loves Brightwheel’s automated billing system:

“95% of families are on track with their payments, thanks to Brightwheel! Before, it was really bad. Parents love that they can see exactly how much they owe, right on their phones.”

Cally, the Assistant Director at MBCC Journey, can’t stop raving about how Brightwheel has revolutionized their communication:

“Brightwheel has been a tremendous blessing. I’ve received great feedback from teachers on Messaging because I’m able to step in and help answer questions a teacher might not be as comfortable answering.”

Kelly, the Director at Good Shepherd Learning Center, is amazed at how Brightwheel has streamlined their work: 

“Brightwheel has cut out a third of my busy work. Enrollment is now all online, and we no longer have manual processes where families come in and sign paperwork in the office.”

Brandyn, from Magnolia Forest Preschools, found the all-in-one platform she had been searching for in Brightwheel:

“We chose Brightwheel when we were evaluating different tools because it integrates billing, admissions, and a great visual experience for families. It’s awesome that it’s an all-in-one system.”

Brightwheel has been ranked as the leading childcare center software based on external reviews, boasting an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.

Join the millions of educators and families who have fallen in love with Brightwheel. It’s time to experience the difference for yourself.

Get your free demo today!


P.S. If you skipped the email altogether, here’s the summary: YOU NEED TO GET BRIGHTWHEEL NOW!

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