CodeQuest Annual Gathering Mailers

Here are the sample mailers I created for CodeQuest, the software company. CodeQuest recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and organized a special annual gathering for its employees and their families. Included are the teaser mailer and invite mailer designed specifically for the employees. I experimented with two different themes for the event, and I have provided samples from both.

Theme 1: Fuelling innovation with collaboration

Name & Tagline: CodeConnect: “Expand Horizons to Explore Ideas”

Teaser Mailer

Subject: Coders Assemble!

Preview Text: Stay tuned (and get excited)…

Invite Mailer

Subject: Welcome to the Technological Extravaganza

Preview Text: Where we Expand Horizons to Explore Ideas

Theme 2: Embracing the Digital Adventure

Name & Tagline: Techventure – “Elevating the Tech Spirit”

Teaser Mailer

Subject: Prepare for an Unforgettable Tech(Ad)venture

Preview Text: Keep your inbox refreshed

Invite Mailer

Subject: Welcome to the Digital Adventure

Preview Text: Elevate your Tech Spirits to new heights

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