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One-off sales email for the product "eLockr"

Subject Line: Are you struggling with the administrative burden of ex-employee verification?

Preview Text: This free-to-use platform will streamline and automate the process for you…

{{Name}}, you have to admit that traditional employee verification methods are
a) Time-consuming and b) Resource intensive

And that too, amidst having to focus on the strategic initiatives and core business objectives.

Imagine the ex-employee verification process running on automation with no compromise to accuracy or reliability.

That’s the dream we, at OnGrid, have built for you.

Introducing eLockr. A free platform for employers to issue employment credentials to ex-employees and ex-contractors.

Redirect every ex-employee verification and credential request to eLockr and you can earn credits while we take care of the rest.

Did we mention that this product is completely free for you?

OnGrid has over 2000+ clients who can vouch for eLockr. After running over 100 million checks, we can proudly say we have the highest privacy standards.

Ready to join hands for building a better employer-employee community?

Book a Demo now.

Team OnGrid.

P.S. If you are into what we do, learn more about OnGrid and eLockr here.

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